River Valley Readers at WSPL

Do you like to read? Are you great at trivia? Then this group is meant for you!  As a team, we will prepare to compete in Sullivan County’s Battle of the Books, where we will hit the buzzer and hope to win the prize money! Join the “River Valley Readers” as we make our way through the Battle Book List. We will meet twice a month to hang out, pick on some snacks, banter about things we’ve read in Wonderstruck by Brian Sleznick and decide which of the books from the list to read next! Come check it out at the Jeffersonville Branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library on Wednesday, February 21st, 4:00pm. Register online at www.WSPLonline.org or by calling (845)482-4350. For more information, including which book we’re reading, email wspl.childrens@gmail.com.

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